Continuing Education and Mentorships

These programs contribute hours to already-registered RYT teachers or other certifications. For 200hr Yoga Certification Programs, please visit the teacher training page.

The Eight-Limbed Path w/ Tim Kelleher

Four Weekends:

  • February 18-19 1-6pm
  • March 11-12 1-6pm
  • April 22-23 1-6pm
  • May 13-14 1-6pm
eight limbed path with Tim Kelleher

The Eight-Limbed Path: An In-Depth Yoga Study with Tim Kelleher

“Return to one's self, discover the divine.” (Yoga sutra 2.44)

The power of yoga is in joy of practice, the freedom that comes from knowledge, and the strength of community. Join Tim Kelleher for a 4-month exploration of the eight-limbed path of yoga. Poses, breathing, philosophy, mediation; take a dive into the deeper end of the practice.

This program is for long-time practitioners who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of their practice, for new practitioners looking to dedicate, and for teachers who are ready to refresh their 200-hour learning. In short, for any and all students of yoga who are seeking more from their practice, and more from their lives.

The yogic path is one of self-inquiry and practice. We will do a lot of both. There will be reading and homework, both physical and intellectual. Expect to be lovingly challenged. The promise of the practice is a stabilized peace in any and all circumstances. In recent years the only way to progress was to enroll in a teacher training. This program is yoga studies training, an investment in yourself and for yourself.

During the program you will:

  • Develop a close relationship with teacher and fellow students. Foster community and connection with like-minded people.
  • Take master classes in asana and pranayama. Search for freedom in alignment, build strength and push boundaries.
  • Study functional anatomy. Understand the structure of the body, especially as it pertains to movement, and use that understanding to refine and deepen your practice.
  • Explore meditation with William Jackson. Develop a mindfulness practice with guidance and reachable meditation goals.
  • Learn practical philosophy. Explore the history of yoga and the tenets of yogic philosophy. Study both the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Baghavad Gita and gain understanding on how ancient philosophy is applicable in our modern world. See how reshaping your perspective can reshape your circumstances.
  • Develop a home practice. Working with Tim each student will create an individual practice plan to support a personal practice.

Investment- $895 Early Bird, paid in full by 1/15/2017, $995 after 1/15/2017

Payment plan: $335 Deposit, $330 due 2/1/2017, $330 due 3/1/2017. Please register & pay the deposit, then email to set up the consequent payments.

Although continuing education (40hrs C.E.) through YA will be available this program is not a teacher-training program, although deepening your connection to yourself will improve your teaching tenfold.